He disabled his online dating profile

My ex also met on OKC never disabled or deleted his profile during the whole 8 months we were together. Probably did it to intimidate you indirectly. No way is that normal unless we missing something. Congratz on him being an ex now. So lets just say he did it because he is into you. You mentioned that you like him a lot. Sounds like a good start. Enjoy and best of luck.

Thank you, I didn't bring it up during the date but he did.

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He said he did it because he didn't think it would be fair on me if he still had a profile up while he was getting to know me. And he asked if I thought that was ok. OMG he's super sweet. You're probably right, but I only discovered this sub recently after dipping my toes into the waters again.

It could mean a whole lot of things. It could be that he is really into you, that he gave up on dating, or he got serious with another girl. Go on the date as if nothing different happened as if you didn't see this and just get a feel for it. I'm hoping it is that he's really into you. It could mean he's into you, doesn't feel like putting effort into the site at all, or any number of reasons. If you like him and things are going well, him deleting his profile is largely irrelevant. I could see myself disabling after going exclusive, because I want to save up the A-List that I bought.

But not until having some kind of exclusive talk. Most likely, I would just change to "seeing someone" and keep the profile active for critiques.

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Well it isn't a bad thing right? I usually do the same thing. I'll disable my account without saying anything if I've made it past a few dates and I like the person. He could be super into you. He could be busy with RL and not have time to deal with dating.

He could not be finding anyone he is attracted to or compatible with on OKC. I could see this, although I haven't done it personally that quickly. I find its too much effort chasing multiple women at the same time, and if one really had my interest it would be freeing to disable OKC, if only for a little while. It would really be better for two people to never look at one another's profiles once they start dating, there's too much room for over-analysis.

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  • Is he interested? Mixed signals and deleted online profile.

The real measure of interest is how he treats you and whether he's still excited to go on dates with you. Yeah, I wasn't actually looking at his profile.

Do people seriously expect you to delete/deactivate your online dating profile after a great date?

When we first started chatting he recommended a song to me and I wanted to go back and find the name of the artist because there were a couple of versions I found. It could be that this guy is just tired of the effort and the game, and doesn't want the distraction. It doesn't have to mean that he's overly invested in you. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Waiting is hard, but I don't want to speak to him first if he doesn't want me anymore. Yeah waiting is hard but really its only a few more days.

Just send him and email just to say a quick hello and then see if he replies. If he does not then treat it as a bad experience, at least you know if there is a next time. He probably deleted his profile because he thinks he found the girl he was looking for. Wow I've also met a guy this summer who drove two hours and we clicked perfectly yet he never made a move to make out.

After the date he never texts first and I had a hard time getting over him. He was probably after all just looking to hook up Fast forward to three months later, I check the dating app and his profile is gone. He also sends me his first ever text after I posted a sexy profile pic asking if I want to stay in touch yet only makes small talk and doesn't invite me over to his town He's probably found a girl and is still benching me lmao. Maybe he just doesn't need his online profile if he wants you Why did he delete his dating profile after meeting me?

I met a guy online a little over a month ago. I've never had a problem with meeting guys, or dating in real life, but me and this guy just seemed to "click". Two nights ago, he drove two hours into town to meet me I was touched and impressed. We drank beer, split a plate of food, flirted, and he asked where I would take him for our second date.

The date was going well. So well, that when we took a nice romantic stroll in the park, things got a little heavy. We found a secluded bench and sat and talked for a little while, and found ourselves making out. I told him that I didn't usually do that kinda thing I know every skank girl says that, but it's very true in my case , but I was obviously very attracted to him, and it seemed by the state of his pants that he wanted me, too.

I don't know why he was so hesitant, but he did. I told him my name and that I wouldn't be having sex with him on that date, or the second, or the third if he didn't already find me too easy to come back and date again. He said that I was definitely worth coming back for more, and that he expected nothing and thought nothing less of me.

Today I went to send him a thank you e-mail for the date just the polite thing to do.

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First, I went to see his online profile, though just curious! Why did he delete his online profile after meeting me? Does making out on the first date constitute as "easy"? Did I turn him off?

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I really liked this guy, so it really upsets me that he no longer likes me because just because I didn't tell him "no". When should someone give up on chasing you?

Would you date someone if they had no passion in life? Do guys prefer good girls or bad girls? Am I loser for never being kissed? Do you think it's disrespectful for a person who is in a relationship to cuddle with a friend of the opposite sex? What Guys Said 2.